Hey everyone! You'll notice something dramatic has happened these past few weeks: we replaced our entire forums with a "how to play" page and now you're seeing this blog.

This is entirely on purpose! We're working on updating the Mineteria website to right-size it for our community. Our forums were not as active as we'd liked, and since much of the community is on Discord we initially decided to use Discord as our primary way to connect with our community.

However, we also realize there are some limits to using only Discord to communicate with our players. Some of our players are unable to use Discord. We plan to release some updates in the future that realistically can't fit in a Discord announcement message. Finally, our engineering team would like the ability to share some of the inner workings of Mineteria with a wider audience, and some of our community members are interested in learning those details.

The new Mineteria website is designed to solve all these problems and more. It will be treated as a first-class way to connect with our community, diving into more detail than a Discord announcement ever could.

We will continue to work on the website heavily over the next few weeks. For now, please enjoy this beautiful photo of a kitten.

Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk / Unsplash