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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by LilBlogger, Jul 27, 2019.


Do you want this on housing?

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  3. I don't even care why you asking me this be quiet I am uncomfortable.

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  1. LilBlogger

    LilBlogger New Member

    Jul 7, 2019

    Hello, this is LilBlogger. I did another thread a while back about the world edit limits, but now this is something else.

    What if we had nicknames that we can use to roleplay on Mineteria housing? That would be great! Meaning it would be above your player name tag at all times! That would be great! And the nickname would be added into chat also, so people would know who you are and who is talking in chat when they are roleplaying (and no, I don't mean your already existing name in chat, i mean like a prefix or a suffix)! So, imagine this, your a player and you don't want to do all of the work in getting your roleplay skin on by restarting minecraft, and you can just have a nickname above your head and others will KNOW your that person in the roleplay! And also imagine THIS, your a player and your roleplaying with your roleplay skin on and someone else don't know who you are, well, if there was a nickname feature there would be the name, this would also be helpful and useful for player OC's and other things. Thanks for reading this. Hope you consider this, and hope its possible. Thanks!
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