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    Player Reports
    Welcome to the player report format thread! Here you can find the format and instructions for correctly reporting another player! Alternatively, if you see a Moderator in the same server as you, you can /msg them the players name.

    Reporting a Player
    Caught a player breaking the rules? File a report against the player using the format below! After creating a report about a player, please do not discuss this report to anyone else other than staff members.

    Reporting a Staff Member
    Caught a staff member breaking the rules or being unfair? Think a staff member isn't doing their job correctly? Please do not report staff members here, instead, send @Erictigerawr a private message on the forums.

    When creating a report, please have the title of your report as:
    "[Rules Violated] Username"

    Player Report Format
    • What is your Minecraft Username?
      (What is your own username)
    • Player's Minecraft Username?
      (What is the username of the player that you are reporting)
    • Rules Violated?
      (What rules did the player break/violate)
    • Date?
      (List the date/time when this player broke the rules)
    • Screenshots/Videos?
      (Please attach your proof regarding this player in your report)

    Please remember to be patient after submitting your report! If you have further questions or concerns regarding reports and player related issues, feel free to message an administrator.
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