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    Apr 19, 2016


    Mineteria Network
    Rules and Regulations


    Welcome to Mineteria,
    a network dedicated to ensuring that people of all ages and background are able
    safely engage themselves in the countless activities available on our network.

    In order for that possibility, we need your cooperation in following our few simple, important rules.
    Please make sure that you
    read through all of them carefully!

    Any incomprehension or confusion regarding our rules is to be brought immediately to staff members.
    I didn't know / understand the rules" is NOT grounds for release from punishment.

    It is your job to keep up with the rules and to not break them. There will be no excuses of "Oh, but I didn't get a warning." as warnings are given by the jurisdiction of the staff member.


    Common Sense
    Even if some rules are not stated on here, we advise that you use common sense and think before you make an action. If you have any doubt about doing something on the server, feel free to message a staff member and double check!

    Respect All Players and Members
    When playing on the server, make sure that you respect and treat others kind and fairly. We are a friendly server and we want to make sure that everyone feels welcomed. Anyone caught being mean or disrespecting other members will be punished properly.

    Advertising is NOT Allowed
    Advertising other servers or any IP-Addresses is prohibited at all times, this includes advertising Youtube Channels, Social Media links, and other websites. Any users caught advertising will receive a severe punishment on the network.

    Illegal Mods/Hacked Clients
    The use of Hacked Clients or Illegal Mods on the server is punishable! You may only use whitelisted modifications/clients on the server. Anything that gives you an advantage over another player is not allowed! (Damage Indicators, X-Ray, etc.)

    Whitelisted Modifications are modifications on the Minecraft client that only serve for performance or cosmetic purposes. Examples of these modifications are Optifine and Shaders, hack clients are specifically blacklisted from the server and any usage of these clients will result in a ban.

    Respect All Staff Members
    Although this falls under respecting all members of the server, arguing with staff is also punishable. We set members in position to force the rules, arguing, disrespecting, or trying to mess with them is against the rules.

    You may not spam chat, commands, or other gameplay features on the server. Any users spamming chat or ingame will be warned and muted.

    Inappropriate Content
    Any players caught sending anything that contains any inappropriate content will be permanently muted. This falls under naming items in-game with Inappropriate Names as well as Inappropriate Skins, Usernames, or Club Names.

    Impersonating Staff Members
    Any users caught impersonating Staff Members will be punished severely. Do not try and pretend to be someone else. If you see someone impersonating, take a screenshot and report them on the forums.

    Personal Information/Sensitive Content
    Any players caught giving out Personal Information of themselves or of another member will be punished severely. This can contain Full Names, Addresses, IPs, Skype Usernames, and anything that the user would not want to give out.

    Player Harassment
    You are to treat all players and staff members with respect and kindness. Any users caught harassing others ingame through chat or gameplay offensives will be punished. Joking around with harassing will be taken seriously, making others feel bad or putting them down is not funny and will not be tolerated.

    All threats towards the server and other members will be taken seriously and will result in an immediate banishment from the server. Any appeals of users under this punishment will be denied instantly.

    We will not tolerate any sort of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, nor any slurs or language that might imply any of the above.

    Offensive Language
    If you wouldn't say it to your grandmother, don't say it here.
    Excessive profanities will lead to removal of the right to speak in chat at all.

    Making a Scene

    Issues with the staff, server or content should be brought to @Erictigerawr.
    Making a huge fuss in public not only will get nothing solved, but also will disrupt un-involved players.

    Attempt to / successfully cause frustration to other players or render them unable to properly play any game.

    Abusing a bug, plugin or part of a map that ruins the gameplay or provides unfair advantages to players.
    If you are not sure if something is an exploit, ask a staff member.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rules we have set on the network, feel free to message @Erictigerawr or a staff member and they'll be happy to answer your question.
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  2. Erictigerawr

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    Apr 19, 2016
    Rule Updates / Changes
    July 25th 2016:
    • Added in a notice that it is the player's responsibility to keep up with rule changes. Also clarifying the fact that using / saying "Oh, but I didn't get a warning" as an excuse will not be tolerated as it is up to the staff member to give a warning or not, making the best choice based on the situation.

    July 21st 2016:
    • Updated the entire Rules and Regulations Thread. Numerous rules have been added/changed.
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