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    Ban Appeals

    Welcome to the ban appeal format thread! Here you can find the format and instructions for appealing correctly from a punishment! Want to appeal from a punishment or think that you have been punished incorrectly, then you have come to the right place! Read this whole thread before appealing!

    Appealing from a Punishment
    Think you deserve a second chance or believe that your banishment was unfair or wrong? Simply fill out a ban appeal and we will get back to you!

    Discussing your Appeal
    Players are not allowed to create public threads regarding their punishments/appeal, creating public threads will just lower your chance for being unbanned.

    Ban Appeal Format
    • What is your Minecraft Username?
      (Please give us the username that you were punished on)
    • Banishment Reason?
      (Reason stated on your Ban Message)
    • Date banned?
      (Date that which you were banned on)
    • Why should we remove your punishment?
      (Please give your opinion on why your punishment should be reverted/changed)

    Please remember to be patient after submitting your appeal! If you have further questions or concerns regarding ban appeals, feel free to message an administrator.

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