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    Suggestions and Feedback

    Hello! If you're on this page, you must have some lovely and creative ideas to suggest. That's
    However, just before you do that, please make sure to consider the following:

    Has your suggestion already been made?
    Use the nifty search bar in the top right hand corner to check if someone's already made your suggestion!

    Will it violate Mineteria's core morals?
    e.g.: Removing the swear filter // Mineteria's family-friendly principles

    Is it possible?
    While the things that can be done in Minecraft are getting increasingly unbelievable, there are still limitations.
    Please make sure that your suggestion is even under-takable by our team of wonderful devs, before making it!

    With that in mind, unless your suggestion directly violates our forum rules, there is never any harm in making one! Even if the suggestion cannot be implemented, the team loves to hear from all you creative players out there - A thousands mind are much, much better than a few dozen!

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Thread Status:
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