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  1. UHC___
  2. JDubC
  3. justen
  4. Midnightmares_
    In My Podcast Boi Prime
  5. Tqxi
    i dunno what im doing lmao
  6. uwuhailey
    uwuhailey Erictigerawr
    I can't join the server.. it says "disconnected."
  7. Midnightmares_
  8. Aspect
  9. Aspect
  10. Teeg6491
    Teeg6491 Aspect
    Dis is a hooman dis one of my favourite hoomans, is lucky cuz i dont like hoomans
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    2. Aspect
      o h . . . : )
      Jun 24, 2019 at 4:15 AM
  11. Aspect
    Aspect Teeg6491
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    2. Teeg6491
      *Reports for being too faboolooousssss*
      Jun 24, 2019 at 4:13 AM
    3. Aspect
      ahahahhaha yes
      Jun 24, 2019 at 4:14 AM
  12. Teeg6491
    Not Happy, Not Perfect, But One Day You'll Realise Your Life Is Worth It.
  13. xTheKawaiiCookie
    xTheKawaiiCookie Erictigerawr
    I love the server and love it even more now it has come back perfectly.
    I joined the server ages ago when it was Skytonia and i bought the MVP rank i'm a little confused my MVP is gone or something i have something called ELITE.

    Any help clearing the confusion up for me will be greatly appreciated thank you for your time
    xTheKawaiiCookie ~w~
  14. ItsLate
    whats cookin good lookin.
  15. pixel227
    i love minecraft i play almost every day
  16. MoonHuntress
    um.... does anyone actually use the forums??
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  17. ALIIEL
    I clicked the wrong year ;-;
  18. Corbie
    Corbie Despawned
    hey desi its darthcorbie i was wondering if i can apply for helper?
  19. LonePuppi
    Hoi! I'm LonePuppi nice to meet you! I hope we I can get to know each and everyone one of you. I loved Mineteria ever since I first joined.
  20. Shep
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