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Staff Applications
Greetings everyone! Today I am very excited to announce that Staff Applications are now open! This means that the we will be reading through applications and choosing select applicants to become a part of our team as the starting staff members! As we are working on many updates that are just around the corner, we plan to start Advertising soon and having some of the YouTubers coming back on the server - which means we will need help moderating throughout the network!

If you are interested in applying for staff, you can find out more information here.​

What is a Staff Member?
A staff member is a player who is a part of our staff team. They are responsible for numerous things but their main focus is to keep the server safe and ensure that all rules are being followed. Staff Members can be identified by their tags in chat. Helpers have a [HELPER] Tag and Moderators have a [MOD] Tag.

Who is selected as a Staff Member?
When an applicant submits a good and well thought application, they are reviewed by our Applications Team. The council of selected Moderators will decide if they will suit the position well, if so, the applicant is then welcomed to the team and is trained to become a staff member.

Is anyone allowed to apply?
Currently, our only requirement is that you must be of the age 15 or older to apply. The reason for this is the fact that we do not want young players applying and then later resigning or leaving the staff position due to it being too challenging or too hard. We also want the staff on our team to be mature and ready to handle situations, which can sometimes escalate quickly. While some players can seem very mature under the age of 15, we still want them to wait until they are of age limit to apply.

Well, that pretty much covers it for...
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Friends, Marriage, Pools, and More!

Greetings everyone! Here with an exciting update post regarding the recent features that we have added to the server for players to enjoy! With that being said, lets get into this awesome-pact update post!

Interaction Bar

Before we get into the major features added in this update, we will first take a look at the new interaction bar for players! When you log onto the hubs or the rooms, you will notice that we have updated the player hotbar with some new items, including Player Info, Forums Link, Player Settings, and Server Navigation. Right click the player information item to view info about either yourself or other players, or open your player settings to modify your preferences for Friend and Marriage Requests, Cosmetics, Messages, and Blocked Players!


Ever had those cool people on the server who you really just want to "update your status" with? Well now you can by becoming friends with them! Friends is a perfect way to keep track of your friends and players who you play with frequently on the server. When you are friends with a player, you can view many statistics of them, including Online Status, Viewing what they are playing, Friend Since, Rank, and Hours Played. Too add a friend, simply type /friend or /request (name) to send them a friend request.


Thats right, marriage! You can now upgrade your status with a friend to an even higher level and marry them! Marrying a player is a great way to show how much a player means to you. Due to the limit of only having one partner for marriage, this makes marrying someone very special! When you marry someone, you can earn Marriage Achievements, Teleport to your Partner, Message Them, and even activate your Marriage Ring! To marry someone, simply type...
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Mineteria Pre-Introduction

Hey everyone, hope you're all having a wonderful time on Mineteria so far! I'm making this post to inform you of the recent changes and planned schedule for releases.

Mineteria was released in an early PRE-ALPHA state, meaning, we literally ran into unforeseen issues like not being able to see players. During these past few days we've cracked down on most of these bugs and continued further development. We'll be releasing the Public Rooms and Player Housing during these next few days. We'll be fine-tuning the network and releasing the rest of our content during these last few days of June and we'll officially open to the public right around July 1st.

Despite the network looking very empty now -- both in content and in players.. it's something I would like all of you to look past. Mineteria is an amazing network that's going to make a massive mark, not only on Minecraft, but in the game industry as a whole. Call us crazy, we're projecting to peak over 15,000 concurrent players within the first few months of release. We're going to be working with some of the best youtubers and we have content ideas lined up for years. Mineteria was structured to be ever-expanding.

I'm truly excited to have such a welcoming response from the current players on the network -- I honestly can't believe you guys are finding the hub to be exciting at the moment. I've talked to many of you on our Discord as well, and I'm sure by now most of you are aware of my enthusiasm towards this project. Though we don't have much that we've released quite yet, I do ask you to stay patient and help us by reporting EVERY bug that you run into. During the month of July we'll have thousands of players joining and we'd like to fix everything prior to that.

Hang in tight guys, you're all original players of a movement that's going to blow up very soon. Few months from now you'll be able to boast that you were one of the...
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