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Mineteria's Little Break
Greetings everyone! Today I am here writing an announcement I hoped to never have to make! As many of you are aware, development has been very slow lately here at the Mineteria Headquarters, as well as the updates - which were planned to be pushed out weeks ago, have still yet to be pushed out. Over the past few weeks, we have really slowed down on pushing new content for you guys and generally have been pushed back on productivity, so we have decided that it would be best to put Mineteria on a little break.


While this may not actually be considered a "little" break, we will be shutting down the server completely in a few days, as we make backups of everything. Over these next few weeks/months, the server will not be available to the public as the Management Team will be working on a few things behind the scenes.

Mineteria itself is a big picture and a huge project. Our whole network runs basically off its own technology as our developers have made a completely custom system. Unlike smaller servers, like a Factions Server, our plugins and gamemodes are made from completely from scratch, so development for a single gamemode or feature can take quite some time - hence why quite some things have been delayed in the past.

During this off-time, Ambushment and I, and a few others, will be discussing the future for this project. While Mineteria has a slim possibility of not opening back up after this break, we hope to still deliver amazing content for you guys, regardless of this break.

These past months have personally been a wild experience for me and have been quite the adventure! I hope to see my journey in this position continue in the future, as well as my ability to be able to grow such an amazing community! Everyone here has truly done a great part in this community, and I am very excited for...
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Space Parkour Event

Greetings adventurers! As many of you know, we hosted a Space Parkour Adventure event yesterday on Hub-1! The event went very well and we got some amazing feedback, in fact - we got so much positive feedback from you guys that we are doing another sequel event to it! Welcome to the Space Parkour Adventure #2!

This Space Adventure will be hosted on Hub-1 on the Mineteria Server! When you log onto the hub, simply turn around and head towards the boarding dock. Here, you will see many doors, though only two will be opened at this time; On the left, you will be able to re-play the Space Parkour Adventure 1 from yesterday, and on the right you will be able to play our Space Parkour Adventure 2 - today's event!


The Mineteria hub still rocketing sky-high to dock with another ship. Once docked, say goodbye to those things pulling you down, as this galactic adventure will be under low gravity conditions. Some may see this as a frivolous task, but the treasure lying at the end is greatly worth your effort. Can you stride towards the moon? Find out with us on Hub-1!

Special thanks to the Shuttle Crew (Staff Team) for helping build and create this event!


1ST PLACE - Wheelzj (MVP)
2ND PLACE - Dual_Pokimario (VIP)
3RD PLACE - Porridge -> Husiki (PRO)
4TH PLACE - coolninja46 (PRO)
5TH PLACE - DiamondSword7777 (PRO)​
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Games and Drinks Update

Greetings again Mineterians! Have you ever been so tired that you just need something nice to refresh with? Have you been so lonely in rooms that you just wanted to play a game with friends? Well, if so - now you can! In this update, also known as the Games and Drinks Update, we have added some more interactive fun for you guys on the server! So without further ado, let’s get into this update!


The amazing bartenders have finally opened up their business in the Public Rooms! These bartenders will be serving some of the finest beverages that you can find in Mineteria! Simply go up to one of the bartenders, click them and they will show you what they have for sale in their shop! Be careful though, having too many drinks at a time may give you a little "boost" from the sugar inside of them!


Please try and not make a mess when you are devouring your milkshakes down at the bars. We know they are quite delicious, but no one wants ice cream in their hair!!!



Everyone loves a good game of volleyball, right? Well now you can enjoy a game of volleyball right in the sands of the Beachy Pools! Here, you can play a game up to 12 total players in a 6 vs 6 game of classic volleyball. The game is pretty simple: Hit the ball over the net and onto the opponent's side, but make sure the ball does not hit the ground! To join the game of volleyball, simply walk into the volleyball court and you will be added to that designated team!

Connect 4

Now this is one of my favorite classic games! Play a match of Connect 4 with another player as you two take turns placing your checkers on a board. The first player to get four...
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