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20 months has been a long time in the making since I purchased this crumbling project from it’s predecessors. Mineteria as a concept begun more than three years ago, and it’s hard to believe that for the vast majority of that time, we’ve had a full sized development team and have been plugging away at features & content ever since the start. After all of this time, we’re finally ready to start to show you what we’ve been working on...

What does a beta release mean?
We’ve been programming & creating features for you guys largely in the dark for the past two years, and haven’t been able to go through proper testing with a full sized testing group (50+ people) to verify everything is working exactly as expected. We expect there to be issues. With your cooperation however, we’ll be working to fix those issues as fast as we can to get on the road to a full release, where there will be plenty of YouTubers & new features to enjoy. We’re going to be offering rewards to those of you who make an extra effort to help us find important issues. The best way to get in contact with us for close support and communication is via the Mineteria Discord where we’re online most of the time.

When is this happening?
We plan to open the gates for the first time this weekend on Sunday July 1st, at 3PM EST (12PM PST). Of course, we’ll discover the majority of the game breaking issues within the first few days of release and prioritize the most critical of them. Please bear with us as we test the waters to get ready to give you the experience of a lifetime!
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Greetings Mineterians! It's been a while since we've posted on here, we've been all-hands-at-deck behind the scenes working on the final finishes of the project! For the past few months, the team has been hard at work on amazing things as we near launch. Today, we've got something awesome to show you guys - an interactive tour around the network before-launch!

Interactive Tour of Mineteria
We have created an interactive tour players can watch and control through on our Instagram Page, (@mineteria.network) https://mineteria.com/instagram. For the next few weeks all content posted on our Instagram will contain interactive features which you’ll be able to use to interact with the tour.

  • View Photo Gallery Posts for Tour - Each day we will post a photo gallery of the current room we’re visiting on the tour, you will be able to swipe right to look around the current room. Hint: Turn on post notifications on our Instagram Account to see the posts first!
  • Vote Where To Go on Stories - We will post a poll on our Instagram Stories to allow players to vote where to visit next on the network. Polls will run for 1 Day and we will visit the most-voted option!
  • Comment Ideas and Suggestions for the Tour - Comment on our posts where you’d like to see next and what you’d like to see added to the polls for the tour to go. Also share your hype for Mineteria in the comments - we love seeing that!
  • Discuss The Tour - Continue further discussion, suggestions and other hype-talk in our Discord Server with other community members!

Tour Giveaways
We’ll be sneaking some easter eggs and...
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Project Overview

Hey Mineterians!

If you're reading this, chances are you've decided to come along with us for the Minecraft social experience of a lifetime. Mineteria has been in the making for well over a year at this point, and we're very close to unveiling a project that will not only change the Minecraft server culture, but change the way content creators look at fostering prosperous communities online. The most enjoyable experience many of us have had on a game isn't actually because of the game, but because of the people we play it with. Mineteria as a social experience attempts to remove the burden of interacting with confusing commands and complicated features, and leaves you to enjoy the hang-out space with your friends in the most natural way possible.

The server is split into three parts, all of which are unified under the umbrella of a seamless virtual reality. Public Rooms, Player Housing, and Minigames are Mineteria's tools to allow players the highest degree of personal expression and space to roam about and party as they please.

Public Rooms
The rooms are unique hangout spots designed by Mineteria Staff as an awesome social gathering area to party away and dance with friends, participate in room-specific events, and enjoy fun games at the same time. Rooms are created based on the hottest trends and content inside them is almost 100% community driven.

Examples include the Nightclub which features drink-serving bartenders, Connect 4, DJ's, dance floors, and plenty of music.

Player Housing
Player housing is the perfect roleplay universe created 100% by you. In housing, players have the option of purchasing a housing templates of varying sizes, themes, and layouts and customizing the interiors to their liking with hundreds of pieces of realistic...
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