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Greetings Mineterians! To get in the season for the spookiest time of the year, we've given our Main Lobby a redecoration for Halloween. You can explore the newly decorated and spooky-scary hub right now by logging onto fun.mineteria.com! Walk into the mouth of the giant skeleton to jump into Mineteria Navigation, or explore the spooky haunted hub - as it may reveal tricks and treats soon. :smilingimp:

Limited Halloween Sale
To celebrate Halloween, we're throwing a limited sale for all items on our shop! Choose one of your favorite YouTubers below to use their coupon-code for 20% OFF your purchase!

Redeem one of the following COUPON CODES at the Mineteria Shop (https://shop.mineteria.com) for 20% OFF Premium Ranks (VIP, VIP+, ELITE) and Mineteria Coin Packages. Each coupon supports your favorite content creator!
With that being said - we hope you enjoy our Halloween Update and look forward to seeing you all online with your spookiest Halloween costume skins. Happy Halloween!
Oooohhh... it's a ghooosstttt!

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Greetings Mineterians, on behalf of the team here at Mineteria I am happy to announce that Mineteria is now finally released! You can join the fun at fun.mineteria.com on the latest Minecraft Versions (1.13 - 1.9).

The Project's Journey
Mineteria has been a project in a development for over 2 years. The original concept was created back in 2015, however that was simply an idea. Over numerous months of reconstruction and refinement, we've been able to transform our vision into a reality. We truly believe we have created a revolutionary experience as a Minecraft Network, and see great success for the project's journey to come. The community here that we're creating is not only unique, but it's the key factor to powering and strengthening our network.

The Community
From collaborators, original donators, staff members, and truly the community members that have stuck with us on this long journey - we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. You guys have not only supported us throughout the past two years but have given us a huge motivation to create so especially for you guys. So thank you, and we hope you enjoy what we've brought to the stage-light.

Release Content and Roadmap
We have released the 3 main core-game modes of Mineteria; Minigames, Public Rooms, and Player Housing. Players can find themselves either playing our own twist of BedWars on Mineteria, with either friends or strangers, dancing in the Nightclub or Beachy Pools in Public Rooms, or creating their own personal space in Player Housing. As of right now, the core fundamentals of each gamemode are live on the network, however, we'll be adding loads of more content and features once we've reached a more stable point.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be updating the server daily with new bug-fixes and patches to ensure the server experience meets our standards...
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20 months has been a long time in the making since I purchased this crumbling project from it’s predecessors. Mineteria as a concept begun more than three years ago, and it’s hard to believe that for the vast majority of that time, we’ve had a full sized development team and have been plugging away at features & content ever since the start. After all of this time, we’re finally ready to start to show you what we’ve been working on...

What does a beta release mean?
We’ve been programming & creating features for you guys largely in the dark for the past two years, and haven’t been able to go through proper testing with a full sized testing group (50+ people) to verify everything is working exactly as expected. We expect there to be issues. With your cooperation however, we’ll be working to fix those issues as fast as we can to get on the road to a full release, where there will be plenty of YouTubers & new features to enjoy. We’re going to be offering rewards to those of you who make an extra effort to help us find important issues. The best way to get in contact with us for close support and communication is via the Mineteria Discord where we’re online most of the time.

When is this happening?
We plan to open the gates for the first time this weekend on Sunday July 1st, at 3PM EST (12PM PST). Of course, we’ll discover the majority of the game breaking issues within the first few days of release and prioritize the most critical of them. Please bear with us as we test the waters to get ready to give you the experience of a lifetime!
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